Amelia was raised in the Willamette Valley by an artist and outdoorsman. Spending her time carefully crossing through fields of stinging nettles and creating magical hiding places beneath the canopy of riverside rhododendrons, the plants of the North West played an integral role in shaping her love of this world.

As a young adult Amelia worked as a chef, caregiver, pre-school teacher, and art instructor. She was introduced to ceramics and mycology, and these two passions fused culminating in her current body of work - Handpicked Ceramics!


The hope for these miniature sculptures in two parts: 1) that we find the colorful, joyful, playful pieces of ourselves and celebrate them with the excitement of spotting a rare and delicate new mushroom, and 2) as Amy Pohler said, “Making things connects you to each other, to yourself, and to a bigger world.” Let these handmade ceramics add whimsy and magic to your creations, and let that creativity bring us together.

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